BGV-KRP Seminar on Marketing DX and MarTECH from Silicon Valley

Seminar on Marketing DX and MarTECH from Silicon Valley

February 24th, 2021 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. JST online /February 23rd, 2021 5:30 p.m – 7:00 p.m PT online


  1. Trend of Marketing DX and MarTECH in Japan
  2. Introduction of BGV 
  3. What is MarTECH and Marketing DX
  4. Pitches by start-ups
  5. Discussion

COVID-19 has placed heavy constraints on traditional sales and live interactions,
dramatically increasing the demand for digital marketing. Contrary to popular thought,
Japan is quickly adopting marketing habits established in the US and Europe that are
optimized for virtual environments. The staggering pace of change in places like Silicon
Valley has led to the advent of buzzwords like MarTech (marketing technology), Fintech,
Edutech, Foodtech, and so on, however, many struggle to keep up with this shifting
landscape, or to understand what tools and best practices are most relevant for the DX
marketing, as it is more commonly known in Japan. In this seminar,, Ms. Kobayashi from
GLOCOM and Mr. Yashwanth Hemaraj from BGV will identify current trends shaping these
evolutions and introduce promising startups that are impacting the MarTech space.
Audiences will then hear directly from the teams operating in the space (see agenda
below). The seminar is primarily geared towards marketing and advertising
professionals operating in Japan, as well as corporate planning and DX promotional
teams. We look forward to seeing you there!


◆Date : 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 23, 2021 (PT)

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 24, 2021 (JST)

◆Venue : Online (ZOOM or Sherpa)

※We will send a confirmation e-mail with a participation link before the day before this seminar.

◆Number of participants : up to 80

◆Admission fee : Free of charge

◆Language : Japanese and English (with summary translation)


◆Supporter : Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV)


【Schedule & Contents】

  1. Trend of Marketing DX and MarTECH in Japan

Ms. Naho Kobayashi (GLOCOM Chief scientist/producer)

Naho Kobayashi has specialized in data-driven branding, communication and creative
strategy across digital media since 2000. After working for Netyear Group Corporation,
Dentsu Isobar Co., Ltd. (previously named Digital Palette Co., Ltd.), Fuji Xerox Co.,
Ltd., etc., she joined GLOCOM as the Chief Scientist/Producer in April 2015.
Kobayashi manages research related to individual and organizational creativity, and
runs industry-academic collaboration projects for GLOCOM researchers by taking
advantage of her work experience in a wide range of organizations, including venture
companies, creative agencies and large enterprises. Naho also promotes and
produces various activities to guide and study common social issues through
collaborations across industry, government, and academia in her role as the secretary-
general of the GLOCOM Roppongi Conference. Kobayashi is also a temporary
member of the Industrial Structure Council of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and


  1. Introduction of BGV 

BGV is an early-stage VC firm based in Silicon Valley, Israel, India and France, Ikkei
Matsuda, CEO of SARR, serves as a Japan Advisory partner for BGV. The firm
specialize in sourcing cross-border B2B enterprise startups and helps them establish a hub in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Eric Benhamou, the Founder and General Partner
of BGV, served as CEO and Chairman of 3COM, a Fortune500 company and an early
pioneer in laying down the networking infrastructure that shaped the Internet. He also
served as CEO of Palm Pilot, the creator of the original smartphone. Today, he
continues to serve on the boards of Silicon Valley Bank (SVBFG), Grid Dynamics,
Virtana, Ayehu, Totango, Secret Double Octopus and 6D Bytes, among others.
Benhamou also serves on the board of Ben Gurion University in Israel, which is
renowned for cybersecurity. They place special focus on AI, IoT, mobility, cyber
security, smart factories, MarTECH and digital transformation (DX), and promoting
Enterprise 4.0.


  1. What is MarTECH and Marketing DX

・・・Mr. Yashwanth Hemaraj (BGV Partner)

MarTECH combines the words marketing and technology, and refers to the full stack of
digital marketing tools an enterprise may use to reach and manage customers.
Companies leveraging MarTECH are able to develop their businesses faster and more
effectively by introducing intelligent automation into their marketing stack. In this
seminar, Yashwanth, BGV partner, will introduce and define the MarTECH concept,
which is more important than ever in a post-COVID-19 landscape. He will outline the
current challenges facing marketers today, and discuss the trends and opportunities
that should be noted for the future.

4. Pitches by start-ups

(1) MadKudu

MadKudu, founded in 2014, is a US Startup that provides AI-based marketing performance analysis solutions. MadKudu’s strength is a machine learning model that makes marketing highly profitable, which enables users to identify lead customers even from limited accumulated data and analyze effective channels for lead acquisition.

(2) Sherpa

The company has created a next Generation Virtual Experience Platform
(Webinars, Webcasts and On-Demand Video Solution) for use by Sales and
Marketing teams and is sold as a SaaS offering. It’s core differentiators are video-
specific analytics and superior user experience that has been embraced by
companies like Disney, Apple, Samsung, Google and BlackRock. The company’s
product delivers one-to-many streaming video sessions commonly referred to as
Webinars and Webcasts with integrations into the Sales and Marketing stack
(Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Everstring, Marketo etc) for use in Lead Generation,
Sales Engagement and Nurture Campaigns. Sherpa has experienced a
remarkable tailwind in light of the overnight shift to video imposed by COVID.

(3) folloze

Folloze, founded in 2013, is a next-generation customer engagement platformer
that centrally manages digital marketing, content marketing and sales
engagement, and based in San Francisco, USA. Folloze is highly trusted by top
B2B companies such as Microsoft. Folloze provides solutions that enable high
marketing efficiency and customer optimization while using familiar tools for
owners, and integrating seamlessly with existing workflows.

  1. Discussion

Panelist : Yashwanth (BGV), NahoGlocom), Sam (Madkudu), Mark (Sherpa)
Moderator : Dr. Ikkei Matsuda (CEO of SARR, Japan Advisory of BGV)



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