Israel Innovation Authority announces winners,including BGV, of NIS 500 million incubator program

Climatec Incubator, where BGV is core member, has won to be NIS500m incubator program by Isarel Innovation Authority!
SARR will be a bridge between Japan and Israel through these activities.
Please read the article!
Quote from the article;
The winning incubators :a climate incubator that includes venture capital funds and leading global corporations: DK Innovation, Total Energies Carbon Solutions, Eren Industries, IP Innovative Power, Blue Minds, BGV, OSEG Group
A budget of up to NIS 6.5 million per project
The startup companies that will be established by the incubators will be entitled to a budget of up to NIS 6.5 million per project. This includes a 60-85% grant from the Israel Innovation Authority as well as complementary funding from the incubator’s operating companies. In addition, the companies will benefit from the incubator’s support in early stages as well as continued investment via dedicated investment funds established by the incubators and made available for the incubated companies. The winning groups will enjoy a five-year franchise (with an option to extend for an additional three years) in which they will establish high-risk and disruptive startups and provide financial and significant added value to them.

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